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The Boys N the Barrels, Ken Valdez, Kevin Steinman feat. Chris Koza, The Killer Hayseeds, The Briand Just Band, Stacy Halter, Sans Souci Quartet, Deep Soul Deities, Orkestar Bez Ime, The Major Domo Band, Alan Hovhaness performed by the Mississippi Valley Orchestra, Jim O'Neill, Freak Creek Revival, The Regulars!, Minnesota Bluegrass Band, Chad Young, Eldon Hagen

track listing

  1. The In Hoc Blues
  2. What She Wants
  3. Moonlight Navigators
  4. The Day That I Die
  5. Washburn Square
  6. Imperfection Is Beautiful
  7. TC Drift
  8. Parlour Trick
  9. Moj Dilbere
  10. Calm Chicken
  11. Mysterious Mountain
  12. Violet
  13. Hard Time Cafe Morning
  14. Blue Dream
  15. Silver Fox
  16. In the Wind
  17. Hope
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